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gVisor GitHub Issues serve as the source-of-truth for most work in flight. Specific performance and compatibility issues are generally tracked there. GitHub Milestones may be used to track larger features that span many issues. However, labels are also used to aggregate cross-cutting feature work.

Core Improvements

Most gVisor work is focused on four areas.

  • Performance: overall sandbox performance, including platform performance, is a critical area for investment. This includes: network performance (throughput and latency), file system performance (metadata and data I/O), application switch and fault costs, etc. The goal of gVisor is to provide sandboxing without a material performance or efficiency impact on all but the most performance-sensitive applications.

  • Compatibility: supporting a wide range of applications requires supporting a large system API, including special system files (e.g. proc, sys, dev, etc.). The goal of gVisor is to support the broad set of applications that depend on a generic Linux API, rather than a specific kernel version.

  • Infrastructure & tooling: the above goals require aggressive testing and coverage, and well-established processes. This includes adding appropriate system call coverage, end-to-end suites and runtime tests.

  • Integration: Container infrastructure is evolving rapidly and becoming more complex, and gVisor must continuously implement relevant and popular features to ensure that integration points remain robust and feature-complete while preserving security guarantees.


Releases are available on GitHub.

As a convenience, binary packages are also published. Instructions for their use are available via the Installation instructions.