Kubernetes Quick Start

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gVisor can be used to run Kubernetes pods and has several integration points with Kubernetes.

Using GKE Sandbox

GKE Sandbox is available in Google Kubernetes Engine. You just need to deploy a node pool with gVisor enabled in your cluster, and it will run pods annotated with runtimeClassName: gvisor inside a gVisor sandbox for you. Here is a quick example showing how to deploy a WordPress site. You can view the full documentation here.

Using Minikube

gVisor can run sandboxed containers in a Kubernetes cluster with Minikube. After the gVisor addon is enabled, pods with a gvisor Runtime Class set to true will execute with runsc. Follow these instructions to enable gVisor addon.

Using Containerd

You can also setup Kubernetes nodes to run pods in gVisor using containerd and the gVisor containerd shim. You can find instructions in the Containerd Quick Start.