OCI Quick Start

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This guide will quickly get you started running your first gVisor sandbox container using the runtime directly with the default platform.

First, follow the Installation guide.

Run an OCI compatible container

Now we will create an OCI container bundle to run our container. First we will create a root directory for our bundle.

mkdir bundle
cd bundle

Create a root file system for the container. We will use the Docker hello-world image as the basis for our container.

mkdir --mode=0755 rootfs
docker export $(docker create hello-world) | sudo tar -xf - -C rootfs --same-owner --same-permissions

Next, create an specification file called config.json that contains our container specification. We tell the container to run the /hello program.

runsc spec -- /hello

Finally run the container.

sudo runsc run hello

Next try using CNI to set up networking or running gVisor using Docker.