Note: gVisor supports only x86_64 and requires Linux 4.14.77+ (older Linux).


The runsc binaries and repositories are available in multiple versions and release channels. You should pick the version you’d like to install. For experimentation, the nightly release is recommended. For production use, the latest release is recommended.


Nightly releases are built most nights from the master branch, and are available at the following URL:

Checksums for the release binary are at:

Specific nightly releases can be found at:${yyyy-mm-dd}/runsc

Note that a release may not be available for every day.

For example, the latest nightly binary can be downloaded, validated, and placed in an appropriate location by running:

  set -e
  wget ${URL}/runsc
  wget ${URL}/runsc.sha512
  sha512sum -c runsc.sha512
  rm -f runsc.sha512
  sudo mv runsc /usr/local/bin
  sudo chown root:root /usr/local/bin/runsc
  sudo chmod 0755 /usr/local/bin/runsc

It is important to copy this binary to a location that is accessible to all users, and ensure it is executable by all users, since runsc executes itself as user nobody to avoid unnecessary privileges. The /usr/local/bin directory is a good place to put the runsc binary.

After installation, therunsc binary comes with an install command that can optionally automatically configure Docker:

runsc install