gVisor implements a large portion of the Linux surface and while we strive to make it broadly compatible, there are (and always will be) unimplemented features and bugs. The only real way to know if it will work is to try. If you find a container that doesn’t work and there is no known issue, please file a bug indicating the full command you used to run the image. You can view open issues related to compatibility here.

If you’re able to provide the debug logs, the problem likely to be fixed much faster.

What works?

The following applications/images have been tested:

  • elasticsearch
  • golang
  • httpd
  • java8
  • jenkins
  • mariadb
  • memcached
  • mongo
  • mysql
  • nginx
  • node
  • php
  • postgres
  • prometheus
  • python
  • redis
  • registry
  • tomcat
  • wordpress