The Container Security Platform

Run untrusted workloads, block container escapes, and mitigate unauthorized host access.

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Strengthen Kubernetes Security

gVisor delivers an additional security boundary for containers by intercepting and monitoring workload runtime instructions in user space before they are able to reach the underlying host. This protection mitigates threats and reduces host attack surface. gVisor seamlessly integrates with existing container workflows and ecosystem.

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Protect Workloads and Infrastructure

Run untrusted workloads without compromising other workloads or the underlying infrastructure. Block container escapes by keeping attackers from breaking out of containers and into hosts or other containers. Mitigate privilege escalations that provide unauthorized access to other systems and services. Deliver strong isolation between containers for multitenant environments.

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Reduce Vulnerability and Mitigate Risk

Deliver a hardened Kubernetes that provides defense-in-depth runtime protection and monitoring for container workloads. Enable third-party customers to safely deliver code and highly secure services. Keep infrastructure resilient and operating during adverse cyber events. Use gVisor with threat detection engines to quickly identify threats and reduce risk with alerts.

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